Updates #2: SS in Autumn Wiki

Starry Sky in Autumn Wikia

Sakimichi-AvaHey we made a public wiki for starry sky in autumn.
Everyone is more than welcomed to help in the translation.
Winter Wiki will be up as soon as I’m done with my final exams :)

I should probably add our group’s goals, since many people asked~
I’ll link to game purchase website as well. Support the game makers by buying the actual game :)


7 thoughts on “Updates #2: SS in Autumn Wiki

  1. thanks so much for doing this :D
    Although (while this may be just my personal opinion), I don`t really like the starry sky games :S It would be AMAZING if you were able to translate the black wolves saga though :)

  2. hi minna-san..

    Thanks a lot for considering to translate otome games since I know it’s quite tough with the scarce talents in hacking & stuff..
    & I would like to inform that some other group also had considered doing starry sky franchise earlier, so, maybe it’s a good idea if you can collaborate with them to make things easier..? (my suggestion only)

    Maybe, you can contact them via:

    • I know mimi-san and they have a good team~ I started minor T/L for starry sky autumn since they’re starting on summer so I must not disturb them and we shall continue doing Autumn and winter to make things faster~

  3. thank you so much for doing this *-* when I heard about it, I felt like crying :DD I’m so happy that someone is translating SS *-*
    if I can, I would help, but I’m just thinking about learning Japanese >.<

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