Update #3

Sakimichi-AvaOnce again I’d like to clear up wrong information people have been spreading~

First of all, we will not be releasing patches. We  “Sub” otome games which means people with actual copies of the game are lucky. Releasing a patch would mean we are messing up with the original code and that might be copyright issues, so translations will appear on top of the game, hence “Subbing”.We will show you how it looks after we’re done with the common route.

So yeah we do not encourage piracy. We didn’t even linked download sites in the first place!  Who the heck spread that false rumor of us linking to pirated sites?, it hurted Makise pretty badly =w=/  Apologize you bad fangirl! Hahaha..but seriously Makise was hurt… u_u

Second Makise is the leader of the team, but she doesn’t know how to maintain a website, let alone make a wiki so she appointed me (Sakimichi) to do the promotions and stuff.

Third: Aeru is a friend but she’s not involve with our group. We’re pretty thankful that she promoted the site for us. Why do people make weird conspiracy connections? We don’t steal translations at all. Makise was pretty sad when someone tied us up with the Diabolik lovers wiki issue, when in fact we were not involved in any of that at all!

Fourth:  To Anon: As much as I’d love to translate Amnesia and Diabolik Lovers but PSP games are hard to hack..I’m sorry it’s impossible. If you guys really wanted to have English PSP Otome games please please please Buy Hakuouki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom. That would encourage companies to license more and more otome games, believe me I bought a copy for myself  to support the fandom.

Fifth: If false rumors will spread again, Makise decided she will quit. She’s pretty sensitive with this one. We’re a really small team I tell you.

Sixth: Mimi-san led Starry Sky in Summer translation (she’s in a different group) , so to fasten things up we picked autumn and winter.

And finally thanks for the positive support especially to the admin of englishotomegames, we’re doing our best to give you the best subs. We’re desperately looking for a translator for Black Wolves Saga and Starry Sky in Winter. Please contact Makise : Untitled

I’m still prettifying the project page which would take time. I’m sorry but my grades are dropping~ I don’t want to drop out of Uni and were doing this for free so please don’t pressure us to do crazy things that are beyond us.

We love otome games as much as you guys, but were pretty much students too. Please go easy on us… u_u


6 thoughts on “Update #3

  1. Dem bad rumours always pop out within the otoge community ‘cuz there are always some bad apples in the basket. Sadly while there ain’t a lot of ’em bad apples, there’s enough of ’em out there that makes a terrible stench. It’z prolly 1 of the reasons why the otoge comm doesn’t thrive as well as the galge comm. Anyway, as much as I hate to see projects like this drop, I can’t really blame your friend if she does quit… It’s hard to take things in stride when those things are crap gettin’ thrown at ya.

  2. @Bonzai (oT-T)尸 I really did want to give it all up, the rumors were harsh but Saki-chan told me to continue for the others sake. I’m alright for now (I smiled at your comment). I don’t want to quit. It was all baseless accusations, all they did was bicker.

    I love the galge comm and the yaoi comm! fans just share anything to each other without the hate.

    I have to sort out the team, I really apologize to Saki for the huge assignment and tasks I gave her.

  3. Hello! First of all, thank you for your hard work. n_n I hope my post on englishotomegames helped dispel some of those strangely founded rumours. I wouldn’t even worry about it though, it was just a few people. You’re all awesome! ( ゚ヮ゚)

    In any case, I was just wondering; when you say you’re going to be subbing the games, do you mean with Visual Novel Reader?

  4. @pandora Thanks again Pandora! ^^
    Yes we’ll be using VN reader after all that debate, we were gonna keep it a secret till we’re done with the common route but since you figured it out might as well spill the beans 。◕‿◕。

  5. Ganbatte kudasai, minna-san! Yeah, sorry about that.. support is the only thing I can give y’all for now.. Hmm, I think rumours are still rumours, none of them should be taken to the heart, even though it leaves scars & all.

    Just to let you know (on behalf of all otome game fans), we seriously love and crave any thoughts, efforts and passions on translating otome games.. Even though I admit that I’m not really an avid fan of Starry Sky franchises, but your continuous efforts on this certainly made me deeply moved.
    Yes, the hell with the bad rumours. I, as an otome fan, didn’t care about the bad rumours since what matter the most is you girls’ efforts on making this happen. :)

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