Update#3.5: Good News

saki-Ava23/13/2013: Just recently I found out that the wiki access automation script that I made didn’t work. I will notify Makise about this. (done)
I’m sorry for the inconvenience, we will respond to those who have signed up for the access. (done)
SS ~in Winter~ Wiki will be up soon!
Translation sign-ups for SS ~in Autumn~ is still open! 

Please do not hesitate to e-mail:Untitled


Hello Everyone!

I’ve got good news to tell. First we got many e-mails for proofreader and volunteers. Well, since the scripts are not yet finished we will contact you soon in the future! For those who haven’t received a reply, I’m allocating my time to read them right now~ Then lets give a round of applause to AnimeAlice, Mahou-Tsukai, Irie Faute, Loren, and Candy they’re our new translators for Starry Sky, Bloody Call and Black Wolves Saga.  I hope I can encourage them to continue~ Let’s thank them!

Welcome to the team AnimeAlice, Mahou-Tsukai, Irie Faute, Loren and Candy!

Oh and we’re still looking for more Japanese to English translators Black Wolves Saga and for Starry Sky in Winter.

We welcome Chinese to English translators too for Bloody Call and Starry Sky in Autumn.
Please do not hesitate to e-mail:Untitled


Update: Project Page and About Page is up! I’ll revise it again after my final exam. Please pray for my grades u_u Staff page will be up soon is now up! I’m excited for this!


6 thoughts on “Update#3.5: Good News

  1. hey really sorry Makise. i don’t understand why englishotomegames.com said you were involved with me!! I’ve never even spoken to you, and i dont know who started that rumour.
    and that was my number 1 place for otome TL news too…… oh well everyone makes mistakes.

    Also the diabolik lovers incident is entirely my fault. I should have worded it better. I know the otoge core community is hardcore pro-IP, and it was just a matter of time before we’d clash because I am the opposite (first 2 paragraphs). I could easily have pitched it differently. now I know in the future what to do. i’m learning a lot from mistakes.

    I wanted to ask howcome u decided to have just 1 translator per project? also which one is the main project and which one still needs more helpers?

    btw in the last post it said aaeru is a guy, im actually a girl…. meh not that i care. anyhows gl with project

    • Oh my i taught you were a guy..^^;; My bad…. *cleans up the post*
      It was a random faggirl at englishotomegames, englishotomegames did not spread the rumor in fact they helped me clear up the misunderstanding. ^^ (or so Makise told me)
      I’m actually inviting more translators to do a certain project, I just let them choose which project they’d like to translate~ For the main project we really do focus on finishing Starry Sky Autumn and Winter. I’m still hopeful another JP translator for Winter would come to us.
      No need to apologize Aaeru, you did helped us a lot ^^

  2. @Aaeru. _:(´□`」 ∠):_It’s ok. I’m just angry at those rotten good for noting @#$#^%^
    I ‘d set Starry Sky in Autumn and Winter to be our main projects but we need an additional JP translator for Winter. We already have two CH translator for Autumn but the second translator has yet to confirm (;° ロ°)

    I let Saki do the job hunting..she’s good at that *evil grin* ψ(`∇´)ψ

  3. Hey again! Just wanted to let you know I made a simple little 200×40 banner for you guys so I could add you to my links/affiliates. You can find it there if you wanna use it. ( ゚ヮ゚)

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