Update#4: SS Winter Wiki

Update#4: SS Winter Wiki

Saki just finished SS in Winter Wiki , sign-ups are always open :) Please join


I’d like to thank Silver, Lerione T, Mirei, and Evelia for their effort into helping us  with Starry Sky ~in Autumn~ translation, we really couldn’t have done this without all of you. For translators who signed up for the Autumn wiki, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. I get lonely that I’m getting no response from you.

Thank you fans for your continued positive response and support!

About Bloody Call, another group by the name “Twin Project” had already started before us, we respect their wishes to discontinue our translation effort and leave it to their hands. Let’s support them too!

Let’s welcome Ezri and Lerioine! They will work on Starry Sky ~In Autumn~ translation. Thank you for joining the team!

We’re still looking for Japanese to English translators for Black Wolves Saga!

Please e-mail us: Untitled


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