Project Status: Open for JP translator position


We are prioritizing the release for SS autumn for now, we looking for more Japanese to English translators. Please do join us by filling up this form.

Our current goal is to release the patch/VNreader sub before the end of the year.

My heartfelt gratitude to our translators who chose to stay with us even after Makise’s disappearance.  They deserve praise for their dedication in making the forums lively and continued efforts to make the project alive. I’ll do my best to manage these projects, one release at a time.

Project status:

  • SS in Autumn – Translation: 40% , Proofread – 35%
  • SS in Winter –  Translation: 15%, Proofread 0%


  • BWS – In urgent need of translators for PC version. Will drop if no one would pick up the position.
  • Hitofuta Kittan – Will resume after SS winter and autumn is released.

16 thoughts on “Project Status: Open for JP translator position

  1. Thank you so much for the update.. I was beginning to wonder about what was going on for you guys. I’m learning Japanese right now.. but I am nowhere near being able to help translate.. I absolutely would if I could.. Thank you from the bottom of my otome game loving heart to all the wonderful translators and other staff that are giving their time freely so that we all that can’t read Japanese can enjoy these great games!!! <3 Please know that no matter how long it takes to finish the translations that all of us fans are just happy that these games are even being translated!

  2. Good job everyone !!! Keep going !!!! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆
    And hmmmm…… i know a little japanese so maybe i can help. I wanted for a long time to join you guys but i have school . OTZ
    So i don’t know how much time i have for helping with the translations . Starry Sky it’s easy to translate than the other games ( or at least this is what i think ) .
    But if you REALLY need help ( like , if its urgent ) , i’m here to help
    ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ !!!

  3. YAY, this is great news and I’m very glad to see translation being resumed .<

    I've started to learn Japanese a little less than 2 months ago, but after a year or so (probably more *cries*), I would love to help as a translator for future projects!

    Anyways, thanks for all your hard work and I wish you all the best of luck *cheers you guys on*

      • aww that too bad but i guess if you dont have people then noting you can do. i guess just cause its drop dosnt mean you cant re pick it up latter? if your talking about the group i think your talking then (otonedio) ya that group never did start as i herd from one the members trying to get people for the group the leaders just left with out a word so she left and now join Amnesia group

      • (as you can see form here when i talked to her) from what it sounds like they just abound her with out saying and i don’t think she has the power to post on that blog so she posted somewhere on her blog not to log ago that she now joined a new group. well if you do pick up again after the 3 other titles that be cool as id love to read it the story as it seems to have the same dark type story as dailovers

  4. Thanks for your hardwork guys! I hope I can learn nihongo fas, so I can help you T_T
    BTW I know this small group of guys, They’re translating Brother’s Conflict: Passion Pink & Brilliant Blue (for psp) I think it would be great if you guys would collab! It’s just a suggestion but yeah it would be so awesome :D

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