Starry Sky in Autumn Translation continues

saki-Ava2Tadaaa~ We’re not dead!

You can blame me for the delay of the project because I was so swamped with IRL problems. It took me quite a while to notice that the e-mail I’ve inputted in the contact form was wrong. So if you applied for Japanese translator, please do fill it again. I’ve fixed it this time and I apologize for the delays.

Status: 125/311 scripts

Our team has done 125 scripts over 311, with that we are still open for JP translators. Please join us~ ;)

Invite your friends to and let them know that we’re open and alive. Translators, please check your mail for my message. I’ve sent it out yesterday, if you didn’t receive it please use the contact form so I can immediately respond.

Translation projects

If you’re an aspiring translator and want to translate a game but  can’t find people to help you, feel free to contact me via the comments. I can help out get the game scripts for you.


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