Translating to another language? + Some updates

Hello everyone!

I have received word from a fan that someone is using our translations to another language other than English. It’s okay to do so as long as you will ask permission and notify us. I kindly ask to be respectful of the hard work of our JP -> EN translators because they’ve worked hard to make this happen. Always coordinate and respect, thats how we do here. We have the same goals in mind,so we should collaborate and work together. Okay? Feel free to reach my mail:Untitled


saki-Ava2Anyway, translation still continues and only a few of us are left in the team. When the translations are done I’m gonna post about recruitment for Translation Checker then we can proceed to Insertion of scripts, then Beta Testers.

For Translation checkers we require her to have at least JLPT2 and have good English grammar. For Beta testers, I was thinking those who qualify for this position would be those who actually purchased the game. Does that sound okay? Let me know.

Would you do the PSP port for Starry Sky in Autumn?

Why I’ve always considered doing so, in fact I have already ported 1/4 Starry Sky in Autumn to PSP using RenPSP because finding hackers for the original PSP is really hard to do so, but it’s tempting because of the PSP exclusive CGs. If someone can find a hacker for me then I’ll consider it. I’ve already tried asking for help but they always tell you to “help yourself first”….unfortunately reverse engineering is not my forte.


5 thoughts on “Translating to another language? + Some updates

  1. Oh my gosh an update! i was a bit worried because i didn’t hear much from you guys! keep up the good work! I wish i could help out in some way, but unfortunately, i have nothing to offer you guys T^T At least you have my moral support right \(^_^)/

      • Hello
        Please tell me more about the psp version of starry♢sky.

        What do you mean that you have ported 1/4 of SS autumn psp version?

        I am intrested in the psp versions of the game.
        What have you manged to do so far?

    • @Abu – How I ported it:
      I manually inserted the scripts, CG assets to work with RENPY platform.I didn’t extract anything from the PSP, I used the PC assets because a renpy game can be ported to PSP using renpsp.It’s tedious and not worth it. I’d rather have someone extract from the original PSP game, hand the scripts to me and re-insert them.

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