We are random volunteers with a passion for Japanese Otome Games. Please support the game makers by purchasing the game.

Our Vision

We’d like to see more people to have an interest in the Japanese Otome visual novel community, as well as encourage fans to support the fandom.

Our  Mission

To find, gather and encourage fans to contribute their skills into translating, editing,  and finally releasing English translation of Japanese Otome games.

Makise-AvaIn order for us to achieve our goals,  we are in need of Japanese and Chinese Translators
Please e-mail : Untitled
Or via chat box: http://bishounengemu.chatango.com/
We also welcome people who translate Otome Games that are not a part of our current projects~ Please do contact us. The more V/N’s the better~ <3

Some things you need to know

  • Our group does not support piracy.
  • We do not steal translations.
  • We do not translate PSP games, as much as we’d love to but it’s impossible.
  • We translate from Japanese to English or Chinese to English. Depending on which translator is available.
  • We do not gain profit or whatsoever. We’re doing this for free.