Update#5: The Forum is here~

Hello everyone!
It was really silly that we envisioned a thriving community without even making a forum. So after weeks of planning and testing, we finally finished this one!

Otome Hearts  is  an extension of Bishounen Gemu, but is much more open and allows more interaction with fellow fans. We’d be happy if this place will be a success~
Saki choose Amnesia theme because we made Tohma the forum lock icon..it’s an embarrassing pun..we sincerely apologize for Saki’s poor humor. ^^;
Hey you can even choose your own husbando when you register :
Spades, Hearts, Jokers, Diamonds, and Clovers

Were excited just thinking about how many fans could join us…we need forum mods and uploaders too~ Apply in this thread after you register and you’ll get a shiny privilege button.

Were open to suggestions, complaints and appreciation.
There will be forum contests, rare uploaded stuff, ranks and etc.
We’re excited to roll out more features and we do hope you will enjoy your stay~

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I have to thank StarCollide for giving us her forum, this was originally hers and she suggested we’ll remake everything for Bishounen Gemu. Thanks to Sakimichi for the great design as usual!


Update#3.5: Good News

saki-Ava23/13/2013: Just recently I found out that the wiki access automation script that I made didn’t work. I will notify Makise about this. (done)
I’m sorry for the inconvenience, we will respond to those who have signed up for the access. (done)
SS ~in Winter~ Wiki will be up soon!
Translation sign-ups for SS ~in Autumn~ is still open! 

Please do not hesitate to e-mail:Untitled


Hello Everyone!

I’ve got good news to tell. First we got many e-mails for proofreader and volunteers. Well, since the scripts are not yet finished we will contact you soon in the future! For those who haven’t received a reply, I’m allocating my time to read them right now~ Then lets give a round of applause to AnimeAlice, Mahou-Tsukai, Irie Faute, Loren, and Candy they’re our new translators for Starry Sky, Bloody Call and Black Wolves Saga.  I hope I can encourage them to continue~ Let’s thank them!

Welcome to the team AnimeAlice, Mahou-Tsukai, Irie Faute, Loren and Candy!

Oh and we’re still looking for more Japanese to English translators Black Wolves Saga and for Starry Sky in Winter.

We welcome Chinese to English translators too for Bloody Call and Starry Sky in Autumn.
Please do not hesitate to e-mail:Untitled


Update: Project Page and About Page is up! I’ll revise it again after my final exam. Please pray for my grades u_u Staff page will be up soon is now up! I’m excited for this!