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30 thoughts on “Projects

  1. I would love helping out with the translation on BWS, altough I’ve never been on a translation project before. Send a mail if you need help :)

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  3. Hi guys :) !

    Sorry to bother, I just wanted to make sure of something : If I buy BWS on Amazon via your link, will I be able to get an english patch from your site ? It’s written on Vndb that you completed it, but I can’t seem to find any link for a patch on your site…

    Am I mistaken :D ?

    Thanks anyway :) !

      • Well I do understand that fan patches are not official, but I precised “if I were to buy the game”. I do intend to buy it, but I can’t read japanese at all so where would the fun be ? That’s why I asked if your site could provide the patch to apply to the game :P

        Well thanks for your answer !

  4. Thanks for Starry Sky Autumn and Winter projects !
    Will you do, after, patches for “Summer”, “After Autumn”, “After Winter” or “After Summer ?
    I hopeI hope someday there have ^w^

  5. Hello. First, I’d like to send my thanks to this group for their wonderful initiative on translating these games.

    Second. Welll… I don’t want to sound rude, but… I’d like to ask for everyone who is commenting to be patient and to avoid rushing their job.

    Because I’m sure it WILL be released when it is done. So please, BE patient.

    And remember, these people are volunteers. They are busy enough and they do not owe us any kind of favor, they’re doing this by their own free will — so I think we should be thanking them instead of pressuring them.

    Uh, that’s basically what I wanted to say.

    Sorry for the long rant.

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