Updates #1

Sakimichi-AvaThe team was able to successfully get the game scripts of Starry Sky. What does that mean? It means we’re ready for translatin’~

Now, for the poll vote Starry Sky in Winter gets #1 spot, unfortunately we only have a translator for Autumn and Hitufuta Kittan as of the moment. We can’t proceed unless we have a Japanese to English translator for Winter.

Our translator for Black Wolves Saga suddenly disappeared, we also are in need of a Japanese to English translator as well~

<Makise>: Fery seriously, where did you go?!
<Saki>: I thought she wen’t ovesrseas or sumthin’
<Makise>:Whut?! Without telling me?!

So if you’re interested please drop us a mail:Untitled

Project Progress:

  • Starry Sky Autumn : 10%
  • Hitofuta Kittan : 5%