Project Status: Open for JP translator position


We are prioritizing the release for SS autumn for now, we looking for more Japanese to English translators. Please do join us by filling up this form.

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Updates #1

Sakimichi-AvaThe team was able to successfully get the game scripts of Starry Sky. What does that mean? It means we’re ready for translatin’~

Now, for the poll vote Starry Sky in Winter gets #1 spot, unfortunately we only have a translator for Autumn and Hitufuta Kittan as of the moment. We can’t proceed unless we have a Japanese to English translator for Winter.

Our translator for Black Wolves Saga suddenly disappeared, we also are in need of a Japanese to English translator as well~

<Makise>: Fery seriously, where did you go?!
<Saki>: I thought she wen’t ovesrseas or sumthin’
<Makise>:Whut?! Without telling me?!

So if you’re interested please drop us a mail:Untitled

Project Progress:

  • Starry Sky Autumn : 10%
  • Hitofuta Kittan : 5%