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Makise-Ava Founder / Administrator
I’d like to thank the passionate team and fans for their continued support! For the glory of Otome gaming! I hope to get along with you~! 。◕‿◕。
Vice Admin / Hacker

JP Translator: Hitofuta Kitan
Hide yo Bishies
Hide yo Shotas
Hide yo Husbandos
Cuz fangirls are gonna gonna be rapin’ them out there
Image Editor / Hacker
Message: 。。。。。あの。。。。。
Animealice JP Translator: Black Wolves Saga
Message: Can’t wait to play this!
mahou-ava JP Translator: Starry Sky ~In Winter~
Message: Time for some more bishounen love~ <3
JP Translator: Starry Sky ~In Autumn~
Hi! アムネシア (Amnesia) is my love ♥
English nazi here btw (sinister laughter)
CH Translator:
 Starry Sky ~In Winter~
Don’t be afraid of winter because with these hot bishis, you will burn ლ(´ڡ`ლ)
Please excuse me.
My body is ready for your voice, Kenichi Suzumura
loren-ava JP Translator: Black Wolves Saga
Message: Play all the games, acquire all the waifus!!!!
Ezri-ava JP Translator: Starry Sky ~In Autumn~
Message: I’ll do my best! B-but it’s not ’cause I like you guys or anything!
Don’t get the wrong idea!! ////
JP Translator: Starry Sky ~In Autmn~
Message: Here am I hoping that I won’t have to read mountains of kanji after this translation is done ヽ(´o`;
vsan-ava JP Translator: Starry Sky ~In Winter~
Message: Hajimemashite! I’ll probably die of Tsubasa’s cuteness at the end of this, but until then, I’m with you guys! Nuuu~n! (;゙°´ω°´)
queendubu-ava JP Translator:Starry Sky ~In Autumn~
Message:Hey sexay, come join the translation army too.
Research has shown that people who knows many languages are… you know, extremely sexy~ *wink  wink**call me*
Chika CH Translator: Starry Sky ~In Autumn~
Message: Erm not really sure what I am meant to say here teehee :p
Mirei JP Translator: Starry Sky ~In Autumn~
Message: Hie, everyone….
JP Translator: Starry Sky ~In Winter~
Message: Providing semi-reliable translations for you since I just declared so.

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